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About Us

Pastors Tyrone & Marva Denise Patterson started their ministries in 2007. They began with giving to those in needs naturally and then spiritually. Women With a Vision began working with women and children.  Men of Valor started working with the youth and men in the community to empower them with wisdom, knowledge and self esteem. These 2 ministries with the vision from God took their journey under one roof which is now Rescue Temple International Outreach Ministries. This ministry provides for the whole person. Their journey involves, physical illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, imprisonment, homelessness, miscarriage's, death of children to name a few things. Together as couple they have united for 38 years and is looking forward to 38 more in Jesus Name. 

Service Times


Sunday School 10:00 am 

Sunday Service 11:00am 

Bible Study 7:30 pm 

Teaching the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus


Simply put, outreach is the heart of the ministry. It’s meeting the needs of our community and world, while expressing God’s love in ways that build relationships and provide opportunities to share God’s plan of salvation. Just as we have all received gifts and talents from God, we must use them to minister to others and to bring glory to God’s name (1 Peter 4:10). Our vision is to love God, love people and disciple nations. We're doing this by getting outside the walls of our church and spreading the Gospel across the nations (Mark16:15). 

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